Colorado Higher-Education Interdisciplinary Program - Colorado State University GK-12 Program: A multi-disciplinary research and teaching program in biomedical engineering for discovery and understanding of cell communication

Welcome to the GK-12 Program at Colorado State University!

This inventive program is designed to train a new generation of scientists in biomedical science and engineering who are inter- and multi-disciplinary in their training, better equipped for multilevel communication across ages (GK-12) and fields(engineering, biology, and chemistry, computer science, mathematics), and finally prepared to take leadership roles for scientific inquiry and progress into the 21st century.

  • Research component consists of activities in silicon sensor design, modeling, and understanding how molecules move and the functions of multi-cellular tissues and organ systems in response to external chemical and physical stimuli through intercellular communication.
  • Education component involves graduate fellows and doctoral advisors collaborating with K-12 teachers to make new STEM content using engineering approaches accessible to K-12 STEM education.
  • Industry partners provide practical experiences for graduate fellows, teachers, and K-12 students.