Colorado Higher-Education Interdisciplinary Program - Colorado State University GK-12 Program: A multi-disciplinary research and teaching program in biomedical engineering for discovery and understanding of cell communication

Program Goals

Five goals have been identified for the program:

  1. To provide a unique interdisciplinary and cutting-edge graduate research program to cultivate world class scientists and engineers in bioengineering. Such an interdisciplinary program promotes a culture of scholarly research environment that will be evaluated by both quantitative and qualitative assessment of graduate fellows' academic progress and scholarly development through publications, presentations, and dissemination efforts.
  2. To equip future scientists and practicing engineers with communication skills that allow them to communicate with their fellow researchers and engineers, and more importantly, to communicate effectively with the general public and with K-12 teachers and students in particular. Fellows' ability and their skills to communicate the research contents to K- 12 teachers and students will greatly improve the quality of K-12 education and attract more participation from K-12 students in science and engineering.
  3. To provide graduate fellows with additional training of important transferable skills in global culture and diversity, leadership, civic and public engagement, innovation, and ethics, in addition to communication skills. Such transferable skills are essential ingredients of effective STEM leaders of the future. (see Transferable Skills)
  4. To build knowledge and content capacity for K-12 teachers and to develop new content for K-12 STEM education by incorporating research contents into K-12 curriculum that address the state and national STEM standards and extend their relevance towards challenging K-12 students to engage in inquiry and discovery.
  5. To create and to strengthen the partnerships between STEM departments at CSU, STEM departments at regional K-12 school districts, and private sector companies involved in the electronics and bioscience industry. Such partnerships are essential to making changes in graduate education and K-12 STEM education relevant to societal needs and essential to sustainability of the proposed changes.

Connection and Support of K12 STEM Education

Sample of Project Activities and High School Level Content Standards Addressed


Fellows Grading Student Posters


Locomotion Activity