Colorado Higher-Education Interdisciplinary Program - Colorado State University GK-12 Program: A multi-disciplinary research and teaching program in biomedical engineering for discovery and understanding of cell communication

About the CSU GK-12 Program

The CSU GK-12 Program is a research program funded by the National Science Foundation. The program has two compontents: the biosensor research project and the K-12 classroom experience.

The program is centered around the design of a biosensor chip that will measure specific chemicals in the brain, in an attempt to determine which chemicals are key to our brain development. This would allow scientists to study which chemicals direct neurons to move during development. The research and design of this biosensor require the cooperation of professors and graduate fellows in biology, chemistry, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and mathematics.

While working on their research and their Masters or Doctorate programs, the graduate fellows are also required to spend time each week in a K-12 classroom, developing and delivering lessons related to the project. Many of these lesson plans are then posted to this website for teachers across the country to use (See Lesson Plans). This portion of the program is meant to develop the communication and teaching skills fellows will need in the future.