Colorado Higher-Education Interdisciplinary Program - Colorado State University GK-12 Program: A multi-disciplinary research and teaching program in biomedical engineering for discovery and understanding of cell communication

Universal Lessons

Several graduate fellows and their mentor teachers have come together to develop four lessons which introduce STEM concepts that are central to the CSU GK-12 biosensor program. These lessons include video introductions and complete activities that can be done in any classroom.

Modeling Migration Lesson

In this lesson, students model the movement of neurons in the brain while moving around the football field. Students keep track of their movement and graph their displacement over time. It's surprising how close their motion will model the video of moving neurons!


Mathematical Modeling Lesson

In this lesson, students use an online applet that simulates the spread of disease. Students then graph their data and try to build their own models to predict how quickly the disease will spread throughout the population.


Introduction to Electrochemistry Lesson

In this lesson, students measure and graph how the amount of electrolyte dissolved in water affects the current that is able to flow through the solution. Students use conductivity testers and voltmeters to gather data about salt-water solutions.


Introduction to Sensors Lesson

In this lesson, students use a sensor to measure how much light reaches specific latitudes on the Earth using a light bulb and a globe. Students then graph their data and answer questions about their data.